6 Ironclad Money Tips During A Pandemic & Recession

It would be a good bet to say that the global pandemic has probably affected you financially in one way or another. But while the pandemic is a problem, it may also present some opportunities.

So, if you haven’t already, then now would be a great time to look into your finances and perhaps even plan out what to do. That said, you can definitely use some tips to make sure you come out financially robust after the pandemic.

Tip #1: Don’t Rush In Your Decision making

It’s easy to get stressed over the pandemic. And stress usually causes people to make decisions quickly without thinking about the effects of those decisions.

You should avoid making rash decisions that might cause your situation to go from bad to worse.

Decisions like selling or buying investments, making large purchases (especially online), financial lifestyle changes and a few others must be made only after you’ve given it some thought.

And if you’re not sure what to do, give it even more time. Make a pros and cons list. Go over it with someone you trust. Make notes that you can read from time to time. In any case, just don’t rush anything or use your emotions for your financial decisions.

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Tip #2: Remember To Live Below Your Means

You’ve probably heard this soooo many times before and hopefully you practice this! This is definitely applicable now more than ever.

“Living below your means”, simply put, is spending less money than you make.

Doing so enables you to have surplus money which you can use to save up for an emergency fund, or for investments.

The quickest way to be wealthy is to invest your money. But what are you going to invest if you don’t save?

There are definitely some things you can cut right now, like monthly gym memberships. You’ll probably also be better off cooking at home for most of your meals, as compared to eating out.

Also, now is probably the time to consider stopping excessive subscriptions to online services, if you have some that you don’t need.

Do take note that this doesn’t mean you completely void yourself of any entertainment or joy, but consider cutting some of them if you’re spending too much.

Tip #3: Take Advantage Of Excellent Investing Opportunities

So many investments are cheap right now, that investing in them would definitely be a great financial move.

Stock markets, for example, has historically shown that people who invest during dire times (like right now in 2020), and stay invested until the market recovers is rewarded with good, or even up to ridiculously high gains.

So, if you invest now, you’ll definitely see some great gains when the pandemic is over and/or the economy recovers.

Depending on your area, real estate investments might also present a great deal.

Make sure you don’t rush the investment decision though! And if you don’t have any savings yet, then setting an emergency savings aside is definitely a good idea.

You can read our blog that covers the proper steps before investing! Or click here if you’re a total beginner.

Tip #4: Diversify Your Investments

This is more like a reminder to investors.

Hopefully, you have (or plan on having) investments and you’ve already practiced this fundamental strategy of diversifying.

If you’re not familiar with it, diversifying simply means having multiple investments rather than just one or a few. This strategy lowers risk significantly, and in case one investment fails, the others can make up for the loss.

In other words, diversifying makes sure that even when bad things happen, you still win.

If you’re a stock investor for example, then make sure you’re invested in multiple stocks, and not just one.

Tip #5: Learn More About Proper Financial Literacy

Chances are that you probably have some time on your hands right now. While you can use it to catch up on shows you missed and some hobbies, you can also use a bit of that time for learning.

Even if you just spend a few minutes every other day learning about personal finance and investing, that amount of knowledge will accumulate. And before you know it, you’re already extremely well versed in matters of personal finance and investing.

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Of course, there are other sources of great info on the internet. Just be careful about other websites or videos that aren’t teaching the proper ways.

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Logical Conclusion

So, while times are difficult right now for most of us, there are still things we can do to lessen the negative effects to our finances.

And for some of us who are lucky enough to still be able to invest right now, there are definitely some great opportunities out there to grow our money even more, especially if we can wait out the pandemic and financial crisis.

All we have to do is learn, observe, think and act on these opportunities.

How about you? Do you have any tips for the other people reading this blog? Comment down below!

Good luck and we hope you learned something!

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