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We want to help by sharing our knowledge of proper investing and responsible personal finance

Personal finance and investing is extremely important in making sure you and your family are always fed, sheltered and healthy. It’s also important in achieving your future goals, like traveling the world, owning luxury houses and cars, and other huge goals you may have. So it is very unfortunate that these topics are not part of our basic education system. Money is important but we were never really taught about managing it properly.

Even graduates of business courses only have a vague concept of the proper practices when it comes to personal finance and investing. Again, it is not their fault as schools usually do not completely teach these topics.

There are information on the internet, but most of the ones I have seen about investing are either incorrect or insufficient. This is dangerous as investing without proper knowledge is very risky.

Investing can be easy. Personal finance can be easy.
You just need the right lessons and guides, and that is what we aim to give you with the articles that we post.
Ultimately, it is our goal that when you are finally abundantly wealthy in the future, you can help others by giving to charity, sponsoring scholarships and generally just sharing to the less fortunate. Also, when you are finally experienced when dealing with your finances and investments, you can also help others by teaching them.


Our posts are about:

The Stock Market

Learn about the proper way to invest in the stock market. There is an easy and safe way to do it, and all it requires is your patience.

Investment News

It won't be frequent, but there will be times that we post news regarding investments, business and events that affect them.

Other Investments

You can learn about bonds, T-bills, and REITs that you can invest in either in addition to, or as an alternative to the stock market.

Answering your questions

Got a burning question about investing and personal finance?
Reach out to us and we'll do our best to make a post to answer it.

Personal Finance

You can invest better if your finances are stable. We have lessons about budgets, emergency funds, saving better and paying debts faster.

Your Story

Your success can inspire others.
Even your little successes can have a huge impact to the readers.
You can help to motivate others!

The team:

Marc Gebby Lauron

Ivy Moreno

We did our first fundamental analysis together right after graduation. We wanted to invest in the stock market and put our knowledge to the test.

It was just a few of the public Philippine companies we liked at that time, including Jollibee Foods Corporation, Universal Robina Corporation and SM Foods and Beverage (at that time was still called SM Pure Foods). Our analysis was conclusive that SM Foods and Beverage was the best investment at that time. That investment netted us a 700% gain in less than 5 years.

We have not stopped doing a yearly fundamental analysis since then. Over the years, we have learned a lot regarding investing in the stock market, but also on other investments and in personal finance as a whole. We learned a lot from our successes, but also from our mistakes.

We also never stopped learning. We read books and taught each other what we learned.

Even though I do financial analysis for work and also do it on my spare time for my own investments, it has never bored us.

Now we want to help others with the knowledge we’ve accumulated over the years regarding proper investing and responsible personal finance.

We hope our guides and tips can help you in managing your investments and personal finance.