Starter Guide

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: You visited this link because you want financial success and financial freedom. And you’re actually one of the few that realized you HAVE to learn how to achieve it.

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Warren Buffett are not just rich, they are also knowledgeable.  We can even calmly say that they are probably rich because they knowledgeable.

The articles mentioned here are the absolute basics that you have to go through to be financially literate. We recommend that you don’t skip any of the articles mentioned here. After reading all these articles, then you’re most likely ready to invest and handle your finances responsibly!

Remember that you don’t have to learn all these in one day! Go through them at your own pace or as you see fit. Don’t rush! Also, we update these every few months by adding more items if needed, so check it out again next time to see the new stuff!

Personal Finance Before Investing

Before you start to even think about investing your hard-earned cash, you should make sure you are financially stable first!

If you don’t, then you’ll get into financial trouble and end up losing your investments anyway because of your poor personal finance handling. (No, seriously, that is what happened with a lot of newbie investors, especially during a financial crisis.)

That means these are mandatory to go through before investing:

Investing Basics

The following articles are the basic lessons and principles in investing. Though some of these are specific to stocks, there are many principles here that are applicable to any investment type.

There is no actual order you need to go through here but make sure to read all of them!

What Stocks Should You Buy?

These lessons teach you the different ways on picking good stocks to invest in. We call them the levels of stock market investing.

It would be best to read these in order.

Other Stock Market Lessons

These are a bit situational, but are definitely great to learn when you know the basics already.

Think of this as supplemental lessons to the basics.